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Why did I start The Run Strong Club?

I spent years coaching people in gyms 1-2-1 or outdoors and was very good at it. The problem was that runners seeing me for one hour a week left a huge gap. I would text , email and even call them often in-between sessions before I realised that my skill was offering high level support and accountability along with the expert coaching.

If I put this together with the power of group training then I could get much better results for people at a fraction of the cost. 

Thats what The Run Strong Club does …

I use my 10+ years of experience of coaching not just running but mindset and self development to make sure that you have all the tips tools and techniques needed to be the best runner and person you can be.

Right now we have runners from all over the world who don’t just transform their results in races but also their confidence and mindset in everyday life.

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