House Running Club

Helping runners get their sh*t together with our unique and individual online coaching

The Coaching Plan

Don’t just follow a generic plan written for 1000s of runners, have one tailored to you and your busy life


  • Have a training plan written for you completely from scratch and have it updated / edited along the way based on feedback.
  • Weekly group catch up calls and Q&A with Gary so that you can learn along the way during your training. . 
  • Our famous EXTRA ACCOUNTABILITY group ran full time by Charlie (Mrs House) so that you can finally have the support you need.
  • Quarterly meet – ups for members in a different location each time. 
  • Discounts with sponsors and House Running Merchandise.

The Kick Starter 

6 weeks that will kick start your training, body and mind as a group.


Learn new ways of training, get the accountability and motivation you need to reshape your results!

  • 6 week training plan written specifically for you delivered via a handy app.
  • A series of bitesize mindset training sessions so that you can transform your motivation.
  • Weekly group Calls with Gary where you can ask any questions you have 
  • Library of Training / Pilates videos

Starts 1st of each month 

The Runners Strength Test

Find out your strengths and weaknesses as a runner!


  • The 5 Most Effective Tests & Exercises For Runners
  • Reduce Your Chance Of Injuries
  • BONUS Videos For Returning To Running Safely
  • Delivered Automatically & Instantly


Is the monthly subscription a contract?

No, it is just a normal monthly subscription. It will keep rolling until cancelled, but you can cancel at anytime.

How do I get my training plan?

Your plan will be loaded up to our members only training app which links to your watch for easy, instant uploads

What else do I get?

All our members have access to weekly Q&As , a library of training videos and LIVE coaching on Strength, technique and mobility.  

Quarterly meet ups in different locations are also part of the fun! 

Do you make the training programs bespoke?

Yes, many of our members have very busy lives . We build programs for you, based on the time and terrain available to you. They are easily edited on our training app at anytime so that you are never left guessing what to do next.